Lifestyle Learning Direct

About Us

A little history …

Lifestyle Learning Direct began life in Australia as The Writing School, which had originally begun in the UK and branched out into Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in 1984. Since this time, the reputation of the school had grown, due both to the large numbers of satisfied (and successful) students, plus the school’s commitment to providing further specialist writing courses to satisfy student demand.

Eventually, the owners of the school, utilising their experience in the field of distance learning, decided to offer a wider variety of courses. The Sackville Academy was born to cater for these non-writing “lifestyle” courses and, under both banners – The Writing School and The Sackville Academy – the school was able to provide a wide range of products to suit the varied requirements of correspondence education.

In late 2003, the school was purchased by an Australian-owned family business. The Morris International Group, based on Queensland’s Gold Coast, has been in business since 1973, and is a dynamic organisation with diverse interests including information technology, data processing, direct marketing, property investment, tourism, viticulture and wineries. Staff and management alike share a common goal of providing customers with exceptional service, and all staff work together to achieve the Morris International Group motto – “Showing the Way”.

As the business continued to expand, both The Writing School and The Sackville Academy were brought under the umbrella name of Lifestyle Learning Direct in mid 2005. Lifestyle Learning Direct now offers a large range of courses over several delivery methods:

•    correspondence with full tuition
•    online courses with full online tuition
•    online courses – online assessment combined with correspondence tuition
•    online courses with full online assessment (no tuition)

Why choose Lifestyle Learning Direct?

Distance Education has become a preferred method of study for people all around the world who are looking for additional skills to help them make more money, start successful careers, turn a favourite interest into something more or accomplish a personal quest for self-improvement. And while distance-learning programs have been available from a variety of providers for some time, it is the interaction of the Internet that has revolutionised the opportunities available to students wishing to study in this way.

Lifestyle Learning Online delivers complete online courses. However, should you have limited access to the Internet, we also have over 40 writing and lifestyle courses available in mail correspondence format. Over 15 tutors are currently working in our tutorial department within our correspondence and online schools. Based in many areas around Australia, they are all highly skilled, experienced and dedicated to helping students. This proves our belief that distance is no barrier to learning!

For those who are interested in complete online training, we have the solution to your needs. Our online learning capabilities include:
•    enrolment processing
•    real-time payment
•    course notes
•    self-marking tests
•    email access to our Student Services Department
•    access to tutors

Lifestyle Learning Direct provides you with the opportunity to learn in your own time, in your own home and at your own pace. Choose from our many distance education courses in some of today’s fastest growing fields.

Philosophy of Lifestyle Learning Direct

Lifestyle Learning Direct believes that good education develops a foundation for future success, and our courses prepare students to face any challenge that may confront them in the discipline for which they have been trained. We provide a balanced education through development of knowledge, understanding and skills. Students are our priority. Our policies and procedures are aimed at providing each student with the best possible education available, which includes prompt and appropriate assistance.

A balanced education does more than provide information – it provides students with the ability to select and use information effectively in any situation, and increases their capacity to adapt creatively to the changes occurring locally and internationally in their chosen field. Lifestyle Learning Direct achieves its goal of balanced education by focusing on content and delivery rather than assessment, by teaching for maximum learning and retention, and by maintaining a global focus.

In our experience, students frequently place more importance on a qualification than employers or clients. Increasingly, employers in today’s world are more interested in practical qualifications and what a potential employee can contribute. Therefore, our focus at Lifestyle Learning Direct is on WHAT we teach, and HOW we teach it. We take a flexible approach to assessment that can be readily adapted to the needs of each student.  

Our teaching methods encourage students to understand the course material and retain it in their long-term memories. To enhance our students’ ability to remember and apply what they learn (the key to becoming an expert!), we use repetition, by presenting the information several times in different ways. Assignments and tasks encourage students to reflect upon the material from different perspectives. This helps to reinforce and clarify concepts, and improve retention. It also prepares students to use their knowledge flexibly and creatively within a rapidly changing world.

Lifestyle Learning Direct’s overall focus is also reflected in the adaptable nature of our courses and teaching. Compared to other distance education providers, Lifestyle Learning Direct’s courses have been written to meet the needs of a highly mobile global population. Educated people of the 21st century move about more than ever, and even at home they are much more likely to be dealing with people from other countries or cultures than in the past.

Thus, the modern business person needs to be innovative, a lateral thinker, flexible, and able to work independently. Lifestyle Learning Direct is able to adapt its courses to the different cultural, geographical, economic or social needs of its diverse clientele, and our flexible approach to student learning ensures our courses can be modified to meet the needs of each student without sacrificing quality.