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Love, Sex & Relationships - tutored

The Importance of Sex!
For self, In a relationship, in Life and for Health

The Sexual Body
Pleasure zones for men and women. Latest research. Specific information.

The Sexual Response and Libido
How male and female sexual responses are similar and different. How libido works. How to enhance sex drive.

Sexual Communication
How to be open with a partner. The Do's and Don'ts of talking about sex. The power of sexual langugage and word choice. Using "I" language. Fighting fair. Negotiation, compromise and sharing.

Sexual Techniques
A mini Kama Sutra. The art of lovemaking. From positions to oral tips and how to erotically touch a woman, or a man.

Fantasy Life
The role of fantasies in a healthy sex life. Research and information about fantasies. How to share one with a partner. How to uncover a rich fantasy life.

"Get Your Kink On" - what is experimental sex? What is the range? How to try something new. How to introduce something new to a partner. Outlined suggestions from light B&D to unusual positions, tying up, trying toys.

Cosmic Orgasms
Learning Eastern philosophies about sexuality. Especially Tantra.

Sexual Difficulties
How to deal with a sexual problem - everyone will have one at some point -- we're human, not machines! Information about specific sexual problems and treatments.

Love, Jealousy and the Emotional Elements
Understanding male and female emotions when it comes to sex. What is Love? How do we cope with jealousy? Is jealousy always destructive?

Taking it Home
Design your own 'sex recipes'. Why variety in a sex life feeds our appetite healthily much like we need variety with food. Basics to a Sweet and Healthy sex life.