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Essential English Grammar

Parts of Speech
Nouns and pronouns, capitals and style

Tense, gerunds and infinitives

Adjectives and Adverbs
Adjectives and adverbs, correct order of use

Prepositions, conjunctions and conjuncts

Rules for good sentences, types of sentences, clauses

Sentence Structure
Objects and predicates, verbs and objects, sentence complements, setting out paragraphs

More on Verbs
More on verbs, active and passive, verb forms, the use of apostrophes

Punctuation, concluding marks, internal punctuation, the correct use of dashes, quotation and dialogue marks, brackets

Spelling, vowels, rules and common spelling errors, plurals

Agreement (subject and verb, noun and pronoun), collective nouns and numerals, quantifiers, and modifiers, the use of who and whom, a or an, and eliminating the word that.

Direct and Indirect Speech
Direct and indirect speech, quotation marks, dialogue layout and punctuation, using the word "said", apostrophes, literary devices, common language faults

Exploring English Roots and Final Review
Exploring English roots, roots and affixes, style, reference sources, redundant pairs